Saturday, May 12, 2012

LLN EP 40: DJ ORICIAN (nsfw)

LLN EP 40: DJ ORICIAN (nsfw) MP3
Voices You Hear:
Special Guest:
DJ Orician

Show Notes

05:00 Binding of Isaac Expansion ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ due out May 28th
14:16 Steam is cool
15:34 Minecraft on Xbox 360 - May 9th
24:00 Orician's first exp with MC
30:00 Vance’s Texture Pack - “Iron Bucket”
33:29 DJ Orician
47:50 Minute Crunch
51:35 Are you guys ever going to make your own custom map? skittlezombies
55:18 What is your most favorite thing about doing the videos and podcasts? bigkach
58:45 When you first started as a youtuber did you feel nervous about trolls/haters Plantania
01:02:07 What do you think about the sniper rifles in Brickforce? :) Zatlan
01:03:47 What do you guys fantasize the most about? Jkiller322
01:06:23 How can I convince my mom to let me use twitter/facebook. She alway hears the bad stories and refuses to let me on. I really want to be able to fallow all of my favorate commentators and this has made it rather hard. Thanks!! bbgreg17
01:17:19 I'm doing everything you've have suggested for growing on YouTube, but I'm still not really growing. I have 166 videos and 77 subs and i have almost been on YouTube for  1 year , what do i do to actually start growing? ps.sorry for the long question :D NinjaxXxSpaz
01:23:17 Live Questions
01:48:00 This week

Monday, May 7, 2012

LLN EP 39: GUILD WARS 2 (nsfw)

LLN EP 39: GUILD WARS 2 (nsfw) MP3
Voices You Hear:
Wolv21, Luclin,Dan021,GrimGary
Special Guest:

Show Notes
01:54 Brick Force Web Browser play was this past weekend
06:35 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend - First Impressions
14:54 What impressed you the most? 16:44 What characters did you play?
19:00 Skills and Weapons
20:20 Closing Beta Event
26:33 Were the controls easy to use? How was the interface?
27:14 Quirks or Bugs? 31:03 How many hours did you play?
35:00 More talk on Characters
37:00 What do you think of Pay One Price (GW2) vs. Pay and Monthly (WoW/SWTOR)
44:15 Minecraft Evolution?
50:00 Minute Crunch
54:17 do you ever feel dirty down there? @lln also how long are your pubes and do you straighten them?@wolv ExtremistBuildersKlan
56:30 Have you ever had an odd or irrational fear or discomfort from a person/figure/object as a child or currently? (ex. Nails on a chalkboard, my cousin was afraid of chucky cheese, sound of velcro) For myself I can't stand the feel/sound of some plastics and styrofoam. bwblester
01:01:21 What was your first youtube video about? *No looking* ExtremistBuildersKlan
01:05:00 if i were to start to teach myself how to make a game were should i start? microtavor5
01:08:11 What do you do while your videos are rendering/uploading? NinjaxXxSpaz
01:11:52 if you could have any game multiplayer what would it be and why? dovaking
01:16:24 Are you guys happy right now? Pizzapiebob
01:17:03 What are you guys looking forward to in the final release og Guild Wars 2, and is there any changes you would make if possible? :) Zatlan (Jonas)
01:20:00 if minecraft went into the real world and you could only take one thing, what would it he and why? drummergirl22
01:22:46 Describe your favorite pair of underwear that you have. (Don't you dare say 'nothing' -_-) ColeyGhost
01:24:57 Random Live Questions
01:37:49 What are you doing for the week?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

LLN EP 38: YT (nsfw)

LLN EP 38: YT (nsfw) MP3
Voices You Hear:
Wolv21, Luclin,Vance
Special Guest:

Show Notes
00:00 Name one of your favorite YouTuber’s. What do you love about them?
08:32 Is being silly better than being real? How much would you be willing to change for success?
16:34 Do you think COOP games equals better community? Do you think it’s the secret behind Minecraft’s awesome community?
29:30 Aymbot - wants to get a degree - Interior Design
33:00 Minecraft - why is there limitations?
35:00 What happens when Minecraft is done?
37:00 Trolls and Dealing with them
50:00 Minute Crunch
52:00 From where the First LLN Video to where LLN is now do you think this is where you thought you were going to be? Ninjaxxxspaz
54:00 Will they ever add some Coop VS AI to Brick Force? Larry Mc'N Doogle
55:00 Are any of you planing to go to minecon? dovaking
56:00 Have any of you ever thought about ba sex change? Mr.Poop
58:00 Do you have any pets Meabear111
have you ever messed up IRL, and presented yourself as your internet/youtube alias? midget209
01:01:35 How many times in your lives have you bought a game just because of Luclin mentioning it? For me it was like 30 times. Sords325
01:06:39 Did you all have good systems when you started? aymbot
01:12:00 What would you do if YouTube shut down? Plantania
01:15:00 Question for Aymbot: Have you heard of, or studied, Frank Lloyd Wright? Hatell
01:20:30 how long have you been uploading videos? Dovaking
01:22:00 Machinima - Google Adsense
01:45:00 Do not click your own ads

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Voices You Hear:
Wolv21, LuclinDan021, GrimGary
Special Guest:
Matt from BrickForce

Show Notes
02:00 Notch's Game
04:00 Guild Wars II
04:58 Brick Force
06:20 Matt - Berlin
07:48 Matt - Community Manager, Social Media, Works with Game Designers and QA
09:00 LLN's opinion of the game
10:15 How many people in the Family? (116)
10:32 How is Beta testing going?
11:15 Wolv likes streaming Brick Force
12:04 Exclusive beta testing - penciled in for this week - first test of browser version coming up - going to deactivate the client version to test the browser version?
13:05 Will it work with all browsers?  Developed in Unity - should work in all browsers
14:50 Better way to get around in build mode - fly mode? Will they add those in the future?  Next big update will have jet packs in the shop!
16:26 Jet packs in pvp would be cool, but hard to balance.
16:53 Excited about combining sandbox and shooter
17:16 Do you plan on shortening "over time" for spawn?  What do you think about the protective swirl?
20:47 Will there be a remember my password option?  Will there be a username login rather having to use the email?
22:46 Luclin arrives
24:40 Honored to be asked
25:28 Is it going to be coming out on Mac
27:11 A click to tweet saying what server/room you are in.  A really cool idea - Matt
33:45 Dan - It's fast and fun
34:05 How many people purchased the game, because you saw someone else play it?
35:24 Our experiences with Brick Force
36:20 I love throwing grenades - Luclin
36:35 Nice surprise with next update - implementing flash bangs - Matt
37:11 Love the expressions they make - Wolv
38:14 Where can they give feedback - Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Forums
38:41 First time - Dan - maybe force the game to start after a certain period of time.
41:29 Would you change the kick messages?
42:00 Make the equipping easier.  We're overhauling the interface to make it more user friendly.
44:00 Luclin's WASD method
44:32 Hold down shift when the game starts to change the key mappings
46:10 Minute Crunch
00:50:00 I would love to start making videos but i feel i may be to boring or not entertaining any tips? Inkybut8
00:52:30 Do not add cats to Brick Force - Wolv
00:53:32 How can I convince my parents to not be so touchy about me talking to you guys and other people over the internet? They're concerned that you're all pedos and stuff. Shiv
00:58:29 Are You Guys Gonna Try And Make A Game? Mrcreepercraft/nicholas336
00:59:22 Anyone wants to get started in game industry, Infernum internships available.
01:00:00 Luclin rants on game colleges
01:04:00 Website
01:05:00 Grim picks up the ball on where to learn how
01:08:54 hey what is the best video capturing software out there. StudioKnight
01:09:00 Can I make videos on Brick Force?  Is there a copyright statement on your site?
01:12:16 Yes, the intern position is open to US applications
01:13:11 Think back to when you first started your channels, what steps did you take then that you attribute your success to the most? mbaker818
From where the First LLN Video to where LLN  is now do you think this is where you thought you were going to be? NinjaxXxSpaz
Will they ever add some Coop VS AI to Brick Force? Larry Mc'N Doogle
Are any of you planing to go to minecon? dovaking
Have any of you ever thought about ba sex change? Mr.Poop
01:16:00 Brick Force: Is there going to be  a way to get ammo or health during the game?
01:18:00 Brick Force: What will you be adding?
01:20:00 Brick Force: Will there be modding available in the future?
01:22:38 Brick Force: What about custom skins?
01:24:00 Brick Force: Will there be a way to pick up other people's weapons?
01:25:00 Brick Force: Will there be a sprint function?
01:26:00 Brick Force: Co-op play vs AI?
01:27:00 Brick Force: Will you be able to scope with other weapons?
01:28:50 Brick Force: Can you put an invite clan member in the game?
01:29:50 Brick Force: Can you add molotovs
01:30:29 Brick Force: Flame thrower? Rocket Launcher?  Nuke?
01:31:00 Brick Force: Serious issues with ladders - Head is too big
01:34:30 Brick Force: Spectator mode?
01:36:00 Brick Force: Doesn't walking speed and overall pace is slow?
01:40:30 What are you doing for the week?