Saturday, May 12, 2012

LLN EP 40: DJ ORICIAN (nsfw)

LLN EP 40: DJ ORICIAN (nsfw) MP3
Voices You Hear:
Special Guest:
DJ Orician

Show Notes

05:00 Binding of Isaac Expansion ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ due out May 28th
14:16 Steam is cool
15:34 Minecraft on Xbox 360 - May 9th
24:00 Orician's first exp with MC
30:00 Vance’s Texture Pack - “Iron Bucket”
33:29 DJ Orician
47:50 Minute Crunch
51:35 Are you guys ever going to make your own custom map? skittlezombies
55:18 What is your most favorite thing about doing the videos and podcasts? bigkach
58:45 When you first started as a youtuber did you feel nervous about trolls/haters Plantania
01:02:07 What do you think about the sniper rifles in Brickforce? :) Zatlan
01:03:47 What do you guys fantasize the most about? Jkiller322
01:06:23 How can I convince my mom to let me use twitter/facebook. She alway hears the bad stories and refuses to let me on. I really want to be able to fallow all of my favorate commentators and this has made it rather hard. Thanks!! bbgreg17
01:17:19 I'm doing everything you've have suggested for growing on YouTube, but I'm still not really growing. I have 166 videos and 77 subs and i have almost been on YouTube for  1 year , what do i do to actually start growing? ps.sorry for the long question :D NinjaxXxSpaz
01:23:17 Live Questions
01:48:00 This week

Monday, May 7, 2012

LLN EP 39: GUILD WARS 2 (nsfw)

LLN EP 39: GUILD WARS 2 (nsfw) MP3
Voices You Hear:
Wolv21, Luclin,Dan021,GrimGary
Special Guest:

Show Notes
01:54 Brick Force Web Browser play was this past weekend
06:35 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend - First Impressions
14:54 What impressed you the most? 16:44 What characters did you play?
19:00 Skills and Weapons
20:20 Closing Beta Event
26:33 Were the controls easy to use? How was the interface?
27:14 Quirks or Bugs? 31:03 How many hours did you play?
35:00 More talk on Characters
37:00 What do you think of Pay One Price (GW2) vs. Pay and Monthly (WoW/SWTOR)
44:15 Minecraft Evolution?
50:00 Minute Crunch
54:17 do you ever feel dirty down there? @lln also how long are your pubes and do you straighten them?@wolv ExtremistBuildersKlan
56:30 Have you ever had an odd or irrational fear or discomfort from a person/figure/object as a child or currently? (ex. Nails on a chalkboard, my cousin was afraid of chucky cheese, sound of velcro) For myself I can't stand the feel/sound of some plastics and styrofoam. bwblester
01:01:21 What was your first youtube video about? *No looking* ExtremistBuildersKlan
01:05:00 if i were to start to teach myself how to make a game were should i start? microtavor5
01:08:11 What do you do while your videos are rendering/uploading? NinjaxXxSpaz
01:11:52 if you could have any game multiplayer what would it be and why? dovaking
01:16:24 Are you guys happy right now? Pizzapiebob
01:17:03 What are you guys looking forward to in the final release og Guild Wars 2, and is there any changes you would make if possible? :) Zatlan (Jonas)
01:20:00 if minecraft went into the real world and you could only take one thing, what would it he and why? drummergirl22
01:22:46 Describe your favorite pair of underwear that you have. (Don't you dare say 'nothing' -_-) ColeyGhost
01:24:57 Random Live Questions
01:37:49 What are you doing for the week?